Hair Salons and Choosing a Style for your Facial Type

Published: 16th August 2011
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A typical misunderstanding of those attending one of the hair salons in Delray Beach is wondering how a style that looks great on a favorite celebrity fails to work for them, and then blaming the salon for not styling it properly. The issue is that trying to mirror a hair style from, say, Brad Pitt or Katherine Heigl will help some people's style, while others will look terrible. What many people miss is that their face shape plays a pivotal role in what haircuts will compliment and which ones will hurt their appearance. Learning to recognize your facial type and best style, or finding a skilled hair stylist to find this for you, is the key to unlocking your best look.

There are five common face shapes: round, oval, square, long, triangular, and diamond. Each of these are well suited to certain lengths and cuts of hair, and to make the most of your next visit to one of the Delray Beach hair salons you should come either knowing your face type or being ready to ask and learn what it is from a stylist.

Consider the round face shape. People with this shape appear to have a rounded jawline and cheekbones with a face almost as wide as it is tall, such as Elijah Wood. For this shape, your best bet is to choose a style that has a slimming effect on the face and offsets the rounded features. In general, longer hair will work better than short, and you should keep your forehead bare. The widest part of the face is around the cheeks and ears, so keep the hair shorter there and allow more fullness on top for a more balanced appearance.

People with square faces have a sharp squared-off jawline, an equal width between the jaw and cheekbones, and a face almost as wide as it is long. A good celebrity example is David Beckham. These more severe features benefit from softening, such as using waves and curls in the hair. Growing the hair to at least long enough to be below the chin if not to the shoulders will mitigate the sharpness of the jawline.

The oval face is the happy medium of these facial types, which is defined as fairly even proportions of all features, a barely rounded jaw, and an overall shape that resembles an egg. This allows the widest variety of hair styles, and you can experiment with any length and cut and likely find something flattering. The only caveat is that you should avoid letting hair dangle onto your face as that will cover your face shape and may add unnecessary bulk.

The next shape to consider is the oblong face, which is characteristic of people with a slender face longer than it is wide, and an often rounded jawline. For an example of a long face, look up Keifer Sutherland. The best hair styles for this are ones that can balance out the length and width of the face, including longer sides of the hair while keeping the top trim, a layered cut that hides the front hairline, and strategic use of facial hair such as a light beard to further offset the length. You can also benefit from a side parting that dangles hair over one side of the forehead, and asymmetric styles in general will be flattering.

Another standard shape is that of heart, where the temples are wide and then the face narrows at the chin, such as on Scarlett Johansson. This shape works best with hair styles that extenuates the jawline then narrows towards the eyes, which is going to be around chin length and used to fill in the missing width around the narrow chin. Ideal looks include curly, wavy, or bouncy hair.

These various facial types are just one of the challenges facing someone trying to find their ideal hair style. An experienced stylist from one of the Delray Beach salons can both identify your face type and also what fashionable hair styles best match it, and is a good investment for anyone trying to look their best.

This article was written by Aiden Reese on behalf of Hair Studio Artists. Hair Studio Artists is one of the most prominent hair salons in Delray Beach, and features Eric Mokotoff, author of The Salon Industry Business Artist, as its premier passionate and creative hair color artist.

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